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Orthodontics in Newport Beach

Crooked teeth are not just unsightly- they pose a threat to your oral health. Let Dr. Leo S. Shin help you achieve the beautiful, straight smile you deserve. We provide orthodontic service through Invisalign® clear aligners, the most discreet yet effective option for patients with malocclusion. 

What is Malocclusion? 

Malocclusion, with mal- meaning bad and -occlusion meaning bite, is the official medical catch-all term for all types of crooked teeth and improper alignment. There are varying degrees and classifications of malocclusion. The specifications help dentists like Dr. Shin and Invisalign lab technicians better strategize for your orthodontic success. 

Dr. Shin first takes a detailed record of your specific case of malocclusion, utilizing x-rays, photos, and models. Together, Dr. Shin and the Invisalign team will devise an effective treatment plan that will straighten your teeth quickly.

How does Invisalign Work? 

Invisalign works by applying precise and targeted pressure to the teeth, gradually shifting them over time. Patients periodically receive new aligners. These discreet retainers must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. At first, the aligners may cause some soreness - but, with dedication, your teeth will shift to fit perfectly by the time you receive a new pair of aligners. 

Usually this process takes an average of 12 months to complete. Upon completion, it’s important for patients to sleep in their aligners to prevent orthodontic regression.  

Benefits of Invisalign

The biggest draw for patients to Invisalign is the discreet method of treatment. These clear aligners are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Further, their removability proves advantageous over the permanence of installed braces. Invisalign can be removed to take photos, attend important events, and eat all your favorite foods. 

Further, Invisalign generally takes but a fraction of the time that traditional braces do. Choose Invisalign from Leo S. Shin, DDS, for a streamlined, discreet, and effective orthodontic treatment.

Allow Dr. Shin to Beautify Your Smile

If you’re suffering from a less-than-perfect smile in Newport Beach, allow Dr. Shin and his team to help you smile proudly. Our Invisalign services help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Feel free to give us a call for more information. We look forward to working with you!


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